Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unit 1 Keeping a Log of School Activities

It is a requirement of the headteacher in Guyana that they keep a full log of all activities in the school at every level. This is not necessarily completed by the head him / herself but will be delegated in part to the various holders of posts of responsibility within the school e.g. Head of Department. The head, however, will be responsible for the main school log book.

Log books must be kept in a prescribed format and should be completed promptly and regularly. The guidelines describe who should keep the log, how it should be kept and the type of entry that it should include.

In addition, there is a reference to the document “Standard Operational Procedures” which must be conspicuously displayed in every school building so that teachers, learners and parents might be aware of its contents. The contents are in the form of directives and must be adhered to. You should make yourself aware of the contents of this document.

Reference is also made to the “Staff Instruction Book” which is used for specific or general communications to individual staff or the entire staff. This is a means of recording all communications with your staff and should be signed and dated.

Now read thoroughly pages 1 - 9 of the guidelines “School Records and Documents”.

Now complete the following activities in your portfolio. You should try to do so with as little reference to the guidelines as possible, only referring to them at the end when you should check your answers and correct them where necessary.

Activities Unit One

1.1 What is the purpose of the Circular File and who should have access to it?

1.2 Why do you feel reflections of a personal character should not be entered in the log book? How will you best avoid this?

1.3 Who assumes responsibility for the log book in the absence of the head?

1.4 Give five items which are typical entries in the main school log book.

1.5 Give three typical entries into the departmental, divisional and year group logs and say why it is important that such information is recorded.

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