Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unit 5 Pupil Records and Orientation

This section of the guidelines deals with the information which must be collected, recorded, maintained and stored by the school staff about the pupils in their care. In particular, information is provided about Entry Profiles for each student which must be kept for each child, Child Development Index Cards which form part of the system of continuous assessment in each school and Pupil Transfer Certificates which must be provided when a child’s parents request a transfer to another school.

Child Development Index Cards are started when a child enters nursery school and should be passed on through each sector of education. They contain information which must be completed on a termly basis and must be made available to parents. These are the main records of a child’s performance and should be used by the class teacher to inform teaching and learning activities whether at the class or individual level.

This section goes on to describe the Student / Pupil Orientation Booklet which forms part of the orientation activities for new students and is developed collaboratively between teachers, parents and students. A list of information which the booklet must contain is provided.

Later in the guidelines, you will find a section referring to the Manual on the Maintenance of Order and Disciple in Schools which must be adhered to and made available to all members of staff. It goes on to describe the prefect system and student government. As we know, not all pupils are able to behave appropriately at all times. The guidelines explain the procedures to be used and format of the Misdemeanours Book which should be maintained to record incidences of poor behaviour and the appropriate sanctions used.

Now read thoroughly pages 40 – 44 and 92 - 96 of the guidelines “School Records and Documents”.

Now complete the following activities in your portfolio. You should try to do so with as little reference to the guidelines as possible, only referring to them at the end when you should check your answers and correct them where necessary.

Activities Unit Five

5.1 Give details of the contents of the Child Development Index Cards.

5.2 Explain why you think these cards are important and how they might be useful when a child transfers from one class to another or changes schools.

5.3 Why do you think that it is important that a child is given a quality orientation into the school

5.4 Find a copy of the Manual on the Maintenance of Order and Disciple in Schools, read it and make any suggestions you may have to improve it particularly in the context of your own school.

5.5 Describe the system of Student Government which you have set up in your own school. If you have not done so, give some thought to how you might do it.

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