Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unit 2 Attendance of Teachers and Learners

As Head, you are responsible for all persons in the school whether it is your staff or the pupils. The most basic information you will require is a record of their attendance and punctuality. This is essential as a personnel record for teachers and will be used to assess their performance and also as a record for remuneration purposes.

Such records need to be kept meticulously and are to be maintained in a prescribed format and must be made available for inspection by officers from the region and the Ministry of Education. The guidelines explain how these records must be maintained and the contents therein. Further reference is made to the requirements to complete Absence Returns and the monthly exercise of the collection of Cumulative Data of Absence and Unpunctuality. It is essential that such data is accurate and based on evidence as it may be used to deduct pay from staff in cases of unexplained or unauthorised absence.

Details are also given of how to compile and complete Pupil Attendance Registers. This information is essential not only for the head but must also be disseminated to all staff. Accurate attendance data of learners is essential and must be recorded on a daily basis not only in an attendance ledger but also on an Attendance Board. Examples of how these records must be kept are outlined in the guidelines.

Now read thoroughly pages 9 – 12 and 33 - 39 of the guidelines “School Records and Documents”.

Now complete the following activities in your portfolio. You should try to do so with as little reference to the guidelines as possible, only referring to them at the end when you should check your answers and correct them where necessary.

Activities Unit Two

2.1 Why do you feel it is important to maintain accurate records of teachers’ attendance and punctuality?

2.2 Who do you feel might need these records and how might they be used?

2.3 What do the regulations state must happen for those teachers who are regularly unpunctual or who have taken unauthorised leave.

2.4 What happens after a child has been absent, without a notice of withdrawal, for a period of three months?

2.5 What is meant by the “closing” of the register and what must not happen once the register is closed?

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