Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unit 6 Staff Conduct and Orientation

This section continues from the one on Student Orientation by reminding us that there is a document which relates to “Manners and Social Etiquette for Students, their Teachers and All of Us”. As the adults, the children look to us to provide good practice in the way they should behave. We are their role models. This document outlines how we should all do this. You should obtain a copy if you do not already have one.

We are reminded that there is a specific Code of Conduct for Teachers and all staff should be aware of its contents. It must also serve as resource material for the orientation of new recruits. It is a directive and must be adhered to by all teachers. Like the student orientation booklet, schools are required to have a Staff Manual and the guidelines give details of the minimum contents which should be found therein. We are reminded that each teacher must be properly orientated into the school and part of this orientation must be the study of all of the documentation which is provided for the purpose by the Ministry of Education. A list of this documentation is provided in the guidelines.

Following on from the induction, a system of continuous mentoring should be in place. A chart is provided to show who should carry out the mentoring according to the rank of the teacher.

Similarly to the students, records must be kept of the staff who are employed in the school. These must be up-to-date, available for inspection and passed on to the next employer / school. An example of how these staff records should be set out is given. Additionally, information is provided on the recording of staff development records and appraisal interviews.

Now read thoroughly pages 44 – 48 and 82 - 91 of the guidelines “School Records and Documents”.

Now complete the following activities in your portfolio. You should try to do so with as little reference to the guidelines as possible, only referring to them at the end when you should check your answers and correct them where necessary.

Activities Unit Six

6.1 Obtain a copy of the Code of Conduct for Teachers and read it.

6.2 Comment generally on how the teachers in your school adhere to the Code of Conduct or not as the case may be. Make some suggestions for improvements.

6.3 Imagine that you are responsible for the induction of a newly appointed Senior Teacher from another school. Outline how you would plan the induction and what would be the main elements of it.

6.4 Check out your own staff development records and update them according to the format given in the guidelines.

6.5 Look into how appraisal is carried out in your own school and make comments on how it might be improved for the school and the appraisee.

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